Does Love Kupcakes share my email with other companies?
Protecting your personal information is very important to us so Love Kupcakes will not share your email information with anyone.


Can I place a custom order on the same day that I need it?

If you need cupcakes, cookies, whoopee pies or a custom cake on the same day, we will do our best to fill your order. We will only be able to offer what we have in store. We ask on all custom orders you allow at least 48 hours once placing order for pickup.


Do you gift wrap or have gift boxes?

Yes of course!  We take great pride in our product and want it to look lovely as you bring it to its destination.  We have signature boxes with different kinds of ribbon, tissue and bags to make your order look special.


It’s my birthday! Can I celebrate with you?

Of course you can.... Happy Birthday!!  Stop in for a free cupcake on your birthday with your ID. And of course, you can always come in and buy your birthday cupcakes here and we’ll be happy to set you up with the greatest birthday treats ever!


Are you a gluten free and allergen free kitchen?

While we make every effort to attempt to keep our GF flavors, pans, kitchen tools, etc. away from our wheat flour and other products containing gluten, we do NOT have a gluten-free kitchen. We have added gluten free to our menu for those who are choosing a gluten free lifestyle or have just some mild sensitivities. Our gluten free cupcakes are NOT a suitable option for those with an extreme gluten allergy or a gluten intolerance.

Do you have nutritional information on your kupcakes and other baked goodies?

​We are an artisanal bakery and bake from scratch using all natural ingredients which are locally sourced whenever possible. In the future, we will be providing an in depth nutritional label.


What is the minimum amount of baked items I can order?
The minimum for a custom order is one Dozen Classic Size cupcakes, cookies, whoopee pies or one Dozen Minis. 


How do I maintain the freshness of my kupcakes?

Since our cupcakes are made from all-natural ingredients, it is best to eat them within two days of purchase.   To preserve freshness longer, place our airtight container in the freezer.  When you are ready to enjoy the kupcakes let them thaw at room temperature, in the container that they are in for 2-3 hours in order to bring out maximum flavor!  Do not refrigerate as this will dry out your kupcakes.

Do you bake cakes?

Yes we do!  We have an assortment of sizes from 6"-12", we can write anything on them and decorate as requested.  Prices start at $35.00 for a non-wedding cake with buttercream frosting.


Do you ship?

Yes we will overnight whoopee pies or cookies anywhere in the continental USA.  Signature required.  Please call for ordering/delivery details. We CANNOT ship our kupcakes!


Do you do wedding cake tastings?
Yes we do!  Please contact us to schedule a tasting of up to four flavors from our extensive menu. You will meet with a wedding consultant to discuss your ideas.  The cost of the tasting will be credited to your invoice should you decide to sign a contract with us.


Is there a fee for delivery?

Yes.  Delivery fees are based on traveling distance and time.  The minimum order for delivery is one dozen standard-size cupcakes, cookies, whoopee pies, or two dozen mini cupcakes. Please call us for complete details.